Jen Wyatt - Founder Elite Biz Ops
I am a coach and consultant helping businesses implement operational and financial strategies to drive success. I believe that having an uncomplicated business allows entrepreneurs to work smarter, not harder. I have been helping businesses for over 20 years, leveraging years of product and process development experience and my Master's in Business Administration. My focus is coaching and consulting, business operations management, and custom business dashboards.

I’m a 50% left-brain and 50% right-brain INTJ.  As a result, I take your big, world-changing ideas and use my experience with project management, business, marketing, strategy, efficiency, and understanding of people to help you build a profitable, successful, and fulfilling business.

My top five strengths are Focus, Achiever, Learner, Intellection, and Strategic

That's just what I do... now here's the story behind the business...

My desire to run my own business started when I was pretty young.  I had multiple lemonade stands, and I started a babysitting business with business cards and flyers in middle school.

Fast forward to college, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design (in three years...achiever is in my top five SF).  I was also modeling to provide additional income.  This is where my true love of business began to take root.  I just didn't know it yet.

I worked in the fashion industry for a while and started my own custom clothing design business.  I created clothes, printed T-shirts, handbags, etc.  I began making wedding gowns, designing floral arrangements, and coordinating weddings.  I gave all of this up when I started having kids.  I didn't know how to juggle all motherhood responsibilities, especially when my second son was born with Autism (more on that later).

I worked part-time as an office assistant when my middle son was in kindergarten.  From there, eight years later, I ran multiple locations and managed everything from the office to staff to finances.

Then I had my 3rd son, and we moved to a new state.  Being a military wife, I should have been more prepared, but I had to start over.  I started as an office assistant at a corporation, and five years later, I managed their education products and the team that produced them.  The budget was around 800K for products ranging from webinars, books, and online courses.  Here, I earned my Master's in Business (in 8 months) while my husband was deployed in a war zone.

I juggled all of the things, and still, I felt restless.  I wanted more.  I wanted freedom.  I was tired of working 9-5.

In 2006, when my youngest started kindergarten, I knew I wanted to be free of my JOB.  I started another business as a Virtual assistant this time.  I needed something flexible to be home with my son when he was done with school.

From there, everything was blue skies, rainbows, and an upward progression to six figures.


It's been more of a rollercoaster.  I have wanted to quit more than once, sometimes daily. I have felt stuck.  I danced with joy. I have never given up on my dream of having the flexibility and freedom I crave.  

What freedom and success mean to me...

Freedom, for me, is having the time and the resources to be where I am needed.  I have three boys, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson.  They all need me for different reasons at different times.  For instance, my youngest is a home-schooled high-schooler.  So sometimes I need the freedom to help him with paper or video him doing PE activities.  My middle son has special needs.  He is now living on his own in Orlando, but there are times when I have to go up there during the week.  I used to have to drive him there often.  My oldest just had a baby.  I spent six weeks with them this summer to help them out.  Talk about freedom!

Success means a couple of things to me.  Personal success is me doing my very best with what I have available.  Business success is helping others achieve their very best and expand their resources so their success grows.


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